Monday, April 19, 2010

Habib jewels sale.

Mega Sale Habib Jewel - selling gold, diamonds and precious stones

Peace to all readers.
To your knowledge, Habib Jewel had sales of Mega Habib, celebrating the 50th anniversary.
I saw the ad in the Daily News Sunday nie dated July 27, 2008.
So, Habib Jewel, I wish you Happy Birthday. Hopefully, long life, low income:)
(Click image to enlarge)
Habib Mega Sales from July 27, 2008 until 1 September 2008.
There was something in the ad I want to share with you.
Look at the ad carefully ...
Can you see the word "BEST INVESTMENT GOLD 999 and the picture 100gm gold bar?
Although the advertisement was shown numerous pictures diamond ring, gold bracelet 916, a diamond bracelet that bersilau-glare, gold pendant, gold rings and the all-serbi jewelry,
but when the next chapter of gold investments, Habib Jewel itself states that investment is 100 gram gold bar gold 999.9?
The bestnyer ... Habib provide up to 70% for all goods, diamonds and precious stones.

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